Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Check out Hansen Class! Every Thursday we have a basketball session with coach Malek and we have learnt so many fantastic skills.

This week we learnt how to shoot the ball into the hoop and we uses the letters B.E.E.F to help us remember the steps.

          B - Balance
          E - Elbows bent
          E - Eyes on the hoop
          F - Follow through

One thing we all found challenging is focusing on the ball while someone was trying to get it of us. We have learnt that if we are resilient and stay focused, we can do it!

Here is Grace in action.


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  5. Hi My name is Ridhisri from Papakura Central School PCS
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  6. hi My name is Alihetoa and i'm doing my first blog comment i really liked it how you were founding it challenging.It was good that you were resilient and staying focused.