Monday, October 30, 2017

Swimming at Cameron Pools

Kia Ora Bloggers,

This term we have swimming lessons every Tuesday and Thursday. During the first lesson, we got split into our groups. Our instructors are Yash, Conor, Courtney and sometimes Rachell.
Our first lesson was all about water safety and how to be safe in water. On Thursday, our second lesson, we learned how to float on our backs and glide without kicking. We also learned to swim on our backs and kick during gliding. After that we had to glide through a hula hoop and try to find some rubber rings. We had lots of fun and we can't wait until our next lesson!

Blog you later!
Hansen Class


  1. Kia ora Hansen class,
    It's great to see that you are all having swimming lessons and learning to be safe in the water. Such an important skill to have when we live in New Zealand and are surrounded by the coast. When I used to take my children to swimming lessons the instructors made it lots of fun and games while they were learning. Are you enjoying learning to swim?

  2. Hi Hansen Class it is me Andrew I am from Hayparkschool in room 9.Did you guys have fun? I bet you guys have lots of fun.Swimming is a great skill because in New Zealand you will be surrounded by the coast.Is it kind of sad for the last day of swimming?.Blog you later BYE!.

  3. That is camrn pool and I go to that pool and the big pool is there. This is so cool and I remeber you guys. Tell if there was a big pool or not and tell witch pool you were in.