Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Leading the way with orienteering!

Namaste everyone!

Every Thursday at Hay Park School this term we have been learning about orienteering with Leon. Last week we learn about all of the symbols that can be found on a map and what these mean. This was really tricky because while the symbol may be the same, the colour may be different. For example, a blue 'X' represents a water fountain or feature but a black 'X' represents a man made object such as a seat or rubbish bin.

This week Leon gave us each a map of our school and he challenged us to locate things. It is really important when you are using an orienteering map that it is always positioned so that the arrows point north.

We are really excited to use our maps next week to locate all of the controls! Watch this space to see how we did.


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  2. Kia ora, and I like how you guys did orienteering and I also like how you guys were respectful to Leon. I like how you guys were learning about symbols. I hope you guys have a great day and have a great summer. Comment you Later.